Gaping Hole existed as a record label from 2006 until 2010. The focus was on harsh and/or disgusting sounds. I started the label as an outlet for the kind of noise I wanted to hear and release to the public that did not necessarily fit the aesthetic that was being cultivated at the time with my "official" label, SNSE. Short runs of sharp-edged blasts for the sickos.

There were 37 tapes, two LPs, and one CD released during the course of the life of Gaping Hole. Each tape was presented as a single-sided 40 minute cassette in a uniform package with only the artist name, title, and small center image used to differentiate each release. These aesthetic decisions were made primarily to ease the chore of production. That's right, I'm lazy. I also encouraged each contributing artist to use a pseudonym rather than their more well-known performance moniker. This was an attempt to remove ego from the proceedings and to foster a sense of anonymity amongst the series. I always left that part up to the artist, however - no worries if they chose to go with their "real" name. Basically, free to do whatever you want, just make it SICK. Finally, there were no set runs or editions on any of the tapes. Each was available for the life of the label. Cool.

I've done so privately, of course, but I want to take this opportunity to also publicly thank every artist that contributed to Gaping Hole over the course of it's five-year run. I can say that, without exception, every submission exceeded expectations and for that, I am grateful and humbled. I also want to express my gratitude to the late, great Molehill for being the label's number one supporter on the distribution end for many years. Arigato, Kotomi. And of course let's have a hearty cheer for anyone who ever ordered or traded for a tape directly. You should congratulate yourself on your superior taste.

There are a handful of outlets that still offer Gaping Hole tapes and LPs for purchase - Lust Vessel, Tedium House, RRR, and Self Abuse come to mind. Grab your mint copies there, they're the last ones, ever. There are also a number of sellers on Discogs, but, naturally, they've already touched everything with their grimy record-guy hands.

So. Here we present to you every tape ever released via Gaping Hole to stream in it's entirety. There's over 12 hours here of some of the sickest noise produced in the last decade. I hope one of them makes you PUKE.

Pat Yankee
Paranoid Time / Sperm Fastener / The Mutilation Man / Gaping Hole
Philadelphia, PA, June, 2012

Ammo Rust
Body Collector
Cannibal Man
The Cracked Mirror
Gutter Jesus
Haemorrhaging Fetus
Haemorrhaging Fetus
Hard Skin
Hiking Blod
Jake Vida
Joshua Norton Cabal
Klinikal Skum
Last Rape
The Mutilation Man
Piss Horn
Porcelain Worship
Paranoid Time
Paranoid Time
Putrid Decay
Sperm Fastener
Temple Of Rot